Lighthouses of the St. Lawrence River (mobile)

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These lights are all in Quebec.  To see the remaining lights on the river, go to the Ontario page.

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QC 202 Ash Island
QC 300 Point aux Anglais (1245)
QC 310 Lower Allumette Lake
QC 320 Passage Lower (1308)
QC 500 Soulanges Canal Lower Entrance Range Front
QC 510 Soulanges Canal Lowr Entrance Range Rear
QC 520 Soulanges Canal Upper Entrance Range Rear
QC 530 Soulanges Canal Upper Entrance Range Front
QC 540 Pointe Beaudette
QC 1202 Dixie Range Rear (1202)
QE 0 Lachine Front Range Light (1194)
QE 0A Lachine Rear Range Light (1195)
QE 0S Île Sainte-Hélène (Île Ronde Range Rear)
QC 2327 Île Bouchard Range Rear (2327)
QC 2319 Verchères Village Range Front (2319)
QC 2317 Verchères Traverse Range Rear
QC 2317F Verchères Traverse Range Front  (2317)
QC 2315 Contrecoeur-Verchères Range Front (2315)
QC 2316 Contrecoeur-Verchères Range Rear (2316)
QC 2301 Île Ronde Range Rear (2301)
QC 2292 Lavaltrie Range Rear (2292)
QC 2274 Île Dupas Range Front (2274)
QC 2180 Île du Moine Range Front (2180)
QC 2181 Île du Moine Range Rear (2181)
QC 2177 Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel Range Rear (2177)
QC 2177F Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel Range Front
QC 2176 Île de Grâce Range Rear (2176)
QC 2175 Île de Grâce Range Front (2175)
QC 2168 Île des Barques Range Front (2168)
QC 2153 Courbe Maskinongé (2153.3)
QC 2120 Nicolet Sector (Range Front) (2119.5)
QE 0E Port Saint François Range (2113)
QE 0G Bécancour Front Range (2073)
QE 0H Bécancour Rear Range (2073)
QC 2064 Champlain Upper Range Rear (2064)
QC 2051 Gentilly Range Rear (2051)
QC 2050 Gentilly Range Front (2050)
QC 2043 Batiscan Range Rear (2043)
QC 2028 Deschaillons
QC 2029 Deschaillons Range (2028.5)
QC 2024 Pointe des Grondines Range Rear (2024)
QC 2016 Leclercville (Sainte-Emmélie) Range Rear (2016)
QC 2016F Leclercville Range Front
QC 1975 Saint-Antoine Course Common (1975)
QC 1975R Saint-Antoine Upstream Rear Range
QC 1918 Saint-Michel Range Front (1918)