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A Lighthouse of SpainNW

SP 108 Monte del Faro (Islas Cíes)
latitude 42° 12' 52.6" N
longitude 8° 54' 53.5" W

The Islas Cíes are three steep, rocky islands arranged north to south off the entrance to the Ría de Vigo: Isla Monteagudo on the north, Isla de Faro in the center, and Isla de San Martiño in the south. Each island has a lighthouse, but this one is by far the best known. The lighthouse stands atop a sharp peak and is reached by a steep road having many switchbacks. The islands are part of a national park, accessible at least in the summer by passenger ferries from Cangas and from Vigo. Located at the highest point of Isla del Faro. If you look real hard, you can see the light on the top of the mountain on the right. cies

Monte del Faro

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